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Welcome to the Ajax Controls project: General & Specialized AJAX Controls built on top of the AJAX Control Toolkit and ASP.Net AJAX 1.0

The project is made up of Control Extenders and stand-alone ScriptControls:
  • CheckBoxToggle: Check all or None of the extended Checkboxes on a page (or toggle them)
  • DelayedImageLoader: Throw any image you like into the page, then query a web service to get the URL for the image you'd like to replace it with (comes in handy when waiting for maps to generate)
  • KeepFocus: Keep a control in focus across post-backs (asyncronous or otherwise). This comes in handy for me when I've got a dropdown that posts back and I want to continue scrolling through it with arrow keys.
  • OneClickButton: Eliminate multiple clicks of a button on web forms. Works with validators, too.
  • ScriptInjector: This ScriptControl will insert a piece of javascript into a page and run it. This is handy when you're using an update panel and would like a piece of code to be run in the page after doing something on the server.
  • Shim: This is an all-purpose IFrame shim. It will sit right below anything you want (using the setable z-Index), which will keep draggable items from being covered by dropdown lists.
  • TextLengthLimit: Makes MaxLength work on a TextBox in MultiLine mode. You can also display the number of characters remaining in another control, div, span, etc.
  • DirtyPanel (in development): Asks a user if they want to navigate off the page if any of the values have been changed in fields in the panel when they try to navigate away without saving.
  • RollOverImage & RollOverImageButton (in development): ScriptControls that handle all of the dirty work of implementing a roll-over image, including pre-caching the roll-over images to eliminate extra calls to the server.
Feel free to drop suggestions for new extenders in the Discussions section.


Initial Release - 1/24/07:
70124 Production

Finally A New Release! - 12/19/07:

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